Licensing Information - Referee/Judge/Timekeeper/Ringside Doctor

Professional Ring Officials

To apply for a license as a PROFESSIONAL JUDGE, REFEREE, TIMEKEEPER OR RINGSIDE DOCTOR you must complete the application (available below), and submit it along with two passport size 2" X 2 1/2" photographs, and the additional requirements listed below to the Commission office. If you wish you may submit a resume along with your application. DO NOT SEND THE LICENSE FEE UNTIL INSTRUCTED TO DO SO.

It is very important to understand just because you submit all the requirements you are not guaranteed a license. The commission votes to license additional officials when they feel there is a need for more.


If you live in Nevada and need to start out with the amateur boxing program to get the required experience you may call Dawn Barry at (702) 368-2696. Otherwise, you will need to find your local USA/ABF program to get started. The National USA/ABF telephone number is (719) 866-2300 and their web page is


If you need to start out with an amateur kickboxing or amateur mixed martial arts program below are the recognized sanctioning bodies in Nevada.


Amateur MMA: KICK International, ISKA or ISCF MMA


Amateur Kickboxing: KICK International, ISKA, USTMA and MTIA

Below are links to some of the sanctioning bodies:

  1.  Kick International
  2.  ISKA
  3.  ISCF
  4.  USMTA








$ 50.00



$ 75.00



$ 50.00






467.062 - Requirements for license as referee, judge or timekeeper; expiration and renewal of license; system to grade skills of ring officials.

  • To qualify for a license as a referee, judge or timekeeper of boxing contests, an applicant must:
    • Be at least 21 years of age;
    • Not have been convicted of a felony or other crime involving turpitude;
  • The Commission will determine when additional ring officials are needed and when licensing examinations for ring officials will be conducted.
  • Each license issued pursuant to this section is valid until December 31 of each year. An application for renewal must be submitted to the Commission by December 1 of each year accompanied by the appropriate renewal fee. The renewal of a license is not automatic. The Commission will consider the applicant’s past performance and abilities in evaluating his application for renewal.
  • A ring official may be a member or an associate of a sanctioning organization that does not in any way prohibit or discourage the ring official from being a member or an associate of any other sanctioning organization.
  • The fee for issuance or renewal of a license:

         (a) As a judge is $50.

         (b) As a timekeeper is $50.

         (c) As a referee is $75.  

467.219 (4)..

Each referee licensed by the Commission must annually undergo a complete physical examination, including an eye examination conducted by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The licensee must produce all records of the examination at the request of the Commission.

467.225 (5)..

Each judge licensed by the Commission:

     (a) May be required to submit to or provide proof of a complete physical examination; and

     (b) Must annually undergo an eye examination and produce all records of the examination at the request of the Commission.   

467.071 - Requirements for license as ringside physician.

  • Ringside physicians must be licensed annually as need for their services is determined by the commission.
  • The application and renewal fee for a license as a ringside physician is $100.
  • The renewal of a license as a ringside physician is not automatic. The commission will consider the applicant's past performance and abilities in evaluating his application for renewal.
  • A ringside physician must maintain his certification to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation or an equivalent or more advanced certification in advanced life saving procedures. 

Nevada Athletic Commission 
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