Event Questions

Question: What are the ring /cage requirements?

Answer: For Boxing & Kick Boxing see NAC 467.442
For MMA see NAC 467.7952

Question: What types/brands of gloves are approved for boxing and kick boxing?


All boxing/kickboxing gloves must be professional grade, thumb attached. 

Everlast Elite     Venum Giant 2.0 Pro Fight    Fly Horsehair
Everlast MX    Title Great Official Pro Fight    Fly Foam
Everlast Powerlock    Title Classic Pro Fight   Lonsdale  
Grant Horsehair    Title Platinum Power Pro Fight    Fairtex 
Grant Foam    Title GBP    Hit Hard 
Grant Horsehair Tri-colored thumb   Adonis Garcia Vortex    Holl In Corp 
Grant Foam Tri-colored thumb   Di Nardo Horsehair    Ediroc fka Fuel
Reyes Horsehair   No Boxing No Life -
Challenger Horse Hair
  King fka Twins
Reyes Foam   No Boxing No Life -
Champion Horse Hair
  Rev Gear competition gloves
Rival Horsehair   Paffen Sports Boxing    
Rival RFX  Guerrero HDE-F   Onward Ignis Pro Fight     
Rival RFX Guerrero SF-F      Dukes Destiny HDF     
Hayabusa Foam   Reebok    
Hayabusa Horsehair   Adidas Pro    


Question: What is the approval process for a model of boxing gloves?


Boxing Glove Approval Policy

Question: What types/brands of gloves are approved for mixed martial arts (MMA)?

Answer: All MMA gloves must be professional grade.

Century Society Nine PrimeTime Level 4
Kikskin Ouano Combat Sports International
Fairtex Throwdown Everlast MMA Grappling
fromA Waldorf FFC  

Question: What are the hand wrapping rules?

Answer: See the recently amended NAC 467.432

Question: What size gloves do I have to wear in competition?

Athletes (boxers/kick boxers) weighing-in up to and including 135 pounds must wear 8 oz gloves in competition, while athletes weighing-in over 135 pounds (junior welterweight class and above) must wear 10 oz gloves in competition.  However, athletes weighing-in over 135 but not more than 147 may wear 8 oz gloves in competition if both athletes agree to do so in writing on their bout agreement(contract).

Question: Do you have a procedure for gloves for a championship title or special event fight?

Answer:  See our Glove Procedure.

Question: What cut solutions or hemostatic dressings are legal in Nevada?

Answer: Legal cut solutions are Aventine, Thrombin, Adrenalin(epinephrine) 1/1000 and Vitaminerals Formula 120 Liquid Concentrate. 
Legal hemostatic dressings are Celox, QuikClot, Qwik-AID and Microfibrillar Surgicel.  Please remember to make sure that the contestant upon whom any cut solution or hemostatic dressing will be applied is not allergic to that cut solution or hemostatic dressing.

Question: May a kickboxer use Thai liniment before a bout?

Answer: Unlike in boxing and mixed martial arts, the use of Thai liniment is permissible to apply to a kickboxer before a kickboxing bout, but may be applied only to the kickboxer’s lower body.  Thai liniment (such as Namman Muay) is a specific item and should not be confused with other oils, greases, ointments, balms or butters, such as Tiger Balm, IcyHot or Cocoa Butter.  If it is to be used, Thai liniment must be applied in the kickboxer’s dressing room or elsewhere backstage before the bout, and may not be reapplied after the kickboxer leaves the dressing room.  The Thai liniment should be completely dried before the kickboxer enters the ring for competition.  It is at the referee's discretion if a kickboxer has used an excessive amount of liniment.  The referee may make the kickboxer wipe off the liniment if there is an excessive amount.

Question: Can you explain the common Mixed Martial Arts fouls, submissions, the stand-up rule and judging criteria?

Answer:  Click here for MMA Explanations

Question: Do I have to weigh in at the weight listed on my bout agreement/contract?

Answer: You can weigh-in one pound over the weight listed on your bout agreement/contract.  Unless you are fighting for a championship fight in which the sanctioning body requires otherwise, OR the promoter has written MAX after the weight on the contract.  See NAC 467.522 1(b)

Question: How many corner people can I have?

Answer: Non-championship fights - Three        Championship fights - Four

Question: What drinks are allowed in the corner during a fight?

Answer: Water and electrolyte drinks are allowed in the corner.  Any electrolyte drink must be brought to the arena in factory-sealed, plastic bottles.  Moreover, a contestant must provide the Commission and its staff with information about the requested drink in sufficient time to make a determination as to whether the drink is approvable (e.g., no stimulants, alcohol, drugs, or other questionable ingredients, etc.).   Examples of electrolyte drinks that have been approved include Pedialyte, Vitaminwater, Smartwater, Option, Gatorade, Powerade and Propel.  Energy drinks and soft drinks are not allowed in the corner.