New Insurance Memo

Below are general steps to follow to make sure the insurance process is completed properly.  It is your responsibility to file the claim according to the directions given. The commission is not involved in the insurance claim process.  We only make sure the promoter has primary insurance coverage.  If you have questions please see the claim form and contact the party responsible.  Please follow the steps listed on your claim form and this site to get your medical bills paid.  You need to be a part of this process.

If you go to a doctor or the hospital with a fight related injury, you must COMPLETE and FILE A CLAIM FORM and contact the promoter within 14 days of the fight.  This is your responsibility.   Any bills you receive from doctors or hospitals from an injury from a fight MUST be sent to the insurance company and/or claim adjuster so they can be processed for payment or you may become responsible for the entire amount.

All promoters in Nevada have insurance on the fighters and they must pay the deductible, and the remaining charges for the physician, radiologist, hospital or ambulance will be paid by the insurance company.  The promoter and insurance company can be held responsible for these charges only if the fighter completes the claim form.  COMPLETION and SUBMISSION OF THE CLAIM FORM IS THE FIGHTER’S RESPONSIBILITY.  It is the first step in activating the insurance coverage.

Contact the promoter listed on the Fight Summary Sheet you received with your check the night of the fight as soon as possible.  This is the only way the medical bills can be processed and the insurance can pay the medical bills.

If you do not take care of notifying the promoter and mailing in the claim form, you may eventually become responsible for the bills.  The insurance company requires you to file a claim within 14 days after the event for coverage.  Below are general steps to follow, but you need to read your claim form and make sure you complete any additional steps required.

  • Complete a claim form and submit it where it says on the form.
    You should have gotten a claim form with your check the night of the fight.
    This must be done within 14 days of the fight; you do NOT have to wait for medical bills.  Answer all questions and sign the claim form.
    DO NOT GIVE your claim form to the ambulance or hospital.
  • Notify the promoter.
    They will have to pay the deductible once the insurance has paid their portion. They may also have to fill out a claim form.
    Mail any and all itemized bills you get to the insurance company and/or claim adjuster, depending on what it says on your claim form.
  • You may get several bills, i.e., Emergency Room, Doctor, Radiologist, and Ambulance.  They are all separate individuals who provided service and need to be paid.

It is advisable to keep copies of everything you submit.

If you can not remember the promoter’s name, or you can not find your fight summary sheet you got with your check, here is a suggestion on how to find out.  Go to our results page and click on the show date that you fought.  The promoter is listed in the top right box on the results.  You can then get their address and telephone number from our professional promoter's telephone directory.