FAQ's - Glove Questions

Question: What is the approval process for a model of gloves?

Boxing Glove Approval
MMA Glove Approval

Question: What are the hand wrapping rules?

Answer: NRUC 2.030 - Requirements for bandages for hands of unarmed combatant

Question: Do you have a procedure for gloves for a championship title or special event fight?

Answer: See our Glove Procedure.

Question: What size gloves do I have to wear in competition?

Athletes (boxers/kick boxers) weighing-in up to and including 135 pounds must wear 8 oz gloves in competition, while athletes weighing-in over 135 pounds (junior welterweight class and above) must wear 10 oz gloves in competition.  However, athletes weighing-in over 135 but not more than 147 may wear 8 oz gloves in competition if both athletes agree to do so in writing on their bout agreement(contract).

Question: What types/brands of gloves are approved for boxing and kick boxing?

All boxing/kickboxing gloves must be professional grade, thumb attached.

Adidas Pro Adonis Garcia Vortex Barrera Boxing
Dukes Destiny HD Ediroc fka Fuel Everlast Elite
Everlast MX Everlast MX 2.0 Everlast MXFG
Everlast Powerlock Everlast Protex 3 Fairtex
Fly Foam Fly Horsehair Grant Foam
Grant Foam Bi-Colored Thumb Grant Foam Tri-Colored Thumb Grant Horsehair
Grant Horsehair Bi-Colored Thumb Grand Horsehair Tri-Colored Thumb Hayabusa Foam
Hayabusa Horsehair Heavy Hitters H.6 Hit Hard
Hit N Move Holl In Corp Jaxon Fight 2.0
King fka Twins Lonsdale No Boxing No Life - Challenger Horsehair
No Boxing No Life - Champion Horsehair Onward Ignis Pro Fight Paffen Essential Boxing
Paffen Pro Classic Paffen Pro Guard Paffen Pro Mexican
Powerlock 2 RDX A-3 RDX C-2
RDX C-3 Reebok Rev Gear Competition Gloves
Reyes Foam Reyes Horsehair Reyes Pro Fight Safetec
Rival Horsehair Rival RFX Guerrero HD C-F Rival RFX Guerrero HD E-F
Rival RFX Guerrero SF-F Sting Title Classic Pro Fight
Title GBP Title Great Official Pro Fight Title Platinum Power Pro Fight
Venum Coco Venum Giant 2.0 Pro Fight Venum Hammer Pro
Venum Shield Zaragoza Gear - Worldwide New Era  

Question: What types/brands of gloves are approved for mixed martial arts (MMA)?

All MMA gloves must be professional grade.

Century Combat Sports International Everlast MMA Grappling
Fairtex fromA Karate Combat
Kikskin Left Coast Fight Supply - LFA Ouano
PrimeTime Level 4 Rival Society Nine
Throwdown Venum X - TuffNUff Waldorf FFC