Amateur MMA & Kickboxing Promoter Information & Renewal

Licensed Amateur MMA & KB Promoter Information & Renewal

This page is intended for use by licensed amateur MMA and amateur kickboxing promoters in the State of Nevada ONLY.

    This page was added to provide answers to frequently asked questions by promoters.

        NSAC Amateur Muay Thai Minimum Safety Standards

        1. Headgear and shin guards will be mandatory for all fighters in their first three fights.
        2. Fighters, in their 4th fight forward, may opt to fight without headgear and/or shin guards if both fighters agree.
        3. If one fighter choses to wear headgear and/or shin guards, both fighters must wear headgear and/or shin guards.
        4. Elbow strikes with elbow pads may be used in a fighters 4th fight forward. Both fighters must agree on elbow strikes or elbow strikes will not be allowed. If elbows are allowed, commission approved elbow pads must be worn and must be secured.
        5. Fight counts will also include a fighters MMA record.


          When requesting a program permit from the Nevada Athletic Commission, please send us the Request for Program Permit form which contains the basic information we need.  You can submit the form via mail, fax or email.  

          • Date and location of the event
          • Planned time of the first bout
          • Type of event (kickboxing, MMA or both)
          • Amateur sanctioning organization

            All amateur MMA events MUST be pre-registered with Mixed Martial Arts, LLC at Miixed Martial It is your responsibility and on-going duty to register your events at and pay any applicable fees.  Once you register, you will be provided with details on using the registry.

            1. Truthfully and accurately fill out the following application MMA National ID Application
            2. Clear copy of a current government issued ID (Examples: State-issued driver's license/ ID card, Passport, etc.) 
            3. A photo which shows head and shoulders only, without a hat, in .jpeg format
            Submit the above items via email to at the Nevada Athletic Commission at NO cost.

            It may be wise to have a member of the amateur MMA sanctioning organization with whom you work as an authorized user of your account with Mixed Martial Arts, LLC so that the sanctioning organization can review the match-ups and suspensions.


            Sanctioning bodies must be approved by the Commission. 

            Currently the following sanctioning bodies have been approved: USMTA, ISKA, ISCF MMA, IKF and KICK International.

              Promoters of amateur events shall provide primary insurance coverage in the amount of $25,000 or more for each unarmed combatant to provide medical, surgical and hospital care for unarmed combatants who are injured while engaged in an amateur contest or exhibition.  The terms of the insurance coverage must not require the contestant to pay a deductible for the medical, surgical or hospital care for injuries he or she sustains while engaged in a contest or exhibition.  

              See NRS 467.125 & NAC 467.149

                An event of unarmed combat must not be held unless an ambulance is present at the site of the event and able and available to transport an unarmed combatant to a medical facility, and at least one licensed M.D. or D.O. physician is also present.  If the ambulance leaves an event to transport an unarmed combatant to a medical facility, the event must not continue until another ambulance is present and available.  It is your responsibility to ensure that an ambulance and at least one licensed M.D. or D.O. physician are present at all times any bout is taking place.  It is recommended that you have at least once additional licensed M.D. or D.O. physician present if you have more than 15 bout scheduled for the event.

                  It is your responsibility to timely submit a list of the complete results of the event (with a list of the ring officials used) to the Commission within 2 business days of the event.

                    Submission of your ticket report must be made to the Commission office within 10 days of your event.  Submission of gate fess owed must be made to the Commission office within 20 days of your event.