Licensing Information - Promoter

This license is for amateur kickboxing, amateur mixed martial arts, kickboxing, mixed martial arts and boxing promoters.


  • Completed ORIGINAL application and one copy of the entire application package. Failure to answer all questions and submit backup documentation and/or give an explanation in writing as to why they are not included as part of the application will result in your application not being placed on a Commission agenda for consideration.
  • PRIOR to obtaining fingerprint cards, a completed Fingerprint Background Waiver must be submitted to the Nevada State Athletic Commission. This can be emailed to, mailed, or delivered directly to the agency. One fingerprint card for each officer of the corporation, partnership or proprietorship. Each card must be filled out completely. Along with each card you must submit a CERTIFIED CHECK or MONEY ORDER made payable to Department of Public Safety in the amount of $40.25 for cards submitted starting 07/01/19The cards are submitted for state and federal background check which require 45 to 60 days for the information to be returned to us. We recommend that you reach out to the Commission prior to obtaining your fingerprints to ensure that the agency has received your Fingerprint Background Waiver and that the fees posted on the website are still current. Please make sure to complete the Residence & Employer sections.
  • Two years income tax returns, corporate or individual depending on business structure.
  • $750 Application fee will be collected upon approval of the application and completion of the bond requirement.
  • $10,000 Promoter's License and Refund Bond. Note: Submit upon application's approval.

  • A representative of the organization to be licensed must be present at a scheduled commission meeting when the application for licensure is discussed.
  • You must submit any additional information requested by the Commission. 
  • All requests for dates to promote must be made in writing and submitted to the commission office as far in advance as possible on the Request for Program Permit. This requires commission approval on a separate Commission agenda than your licensing application approval.
  • If you have any additional questions please contact our office at (702) 486-2575.


The following expectations are general guidelines and do not list all requirements.  As a licensee it is your responsibility to know and understand the regulations and statutes that govern unarmed combat in Nevada (Chapter 467). The information is being provided solely for guidance, and does not modify any statutes, regulation or policies of the Nevada Athletic Commission.  


Extra forms for a promoter's license