Professional Contestant

For a professional boxer/kickboxer/mixed martial artist between the ages of 18 - 37**, who has fought a professional fight in the last 36 months, has not fought over 425 professional rounds and is not under suspension in another state. 

**For the year 2024 if you do not meet the above requirements, go to Comprehensive Contestant

**If you have not fought as a Professional Contestant before, go to the Amateur to Pro Contestant


  • Online Application Portal              
  • Two passport size photographs
  • $50 license fee
  • Current Federal ID card - If a professional boxer or mixed martial artist.
  • Report of Physical Examination Report Professional Boxer/Unarmed Combatant including an original laboratory report with the fighters name and the date the HIV test and Hepatitis B Surface Antigen, Hepatitis C Antibody and CBC tests were taken. The HIV test must be done within 30 days of submitting all requirements to become licensed. The Hepatitis B & C and  the CBC tests can be done within the calendar year.
  • Dilated ophthalmologic examination by an OPHTHALMOLOGIST only - This must be done more than 24 hours before the fight.
  • MRI of brain without contrast and MRA cerebral circulation - If either previously done, forward results for review. The MRA is a one time requirement, unless otherwise ordered.  A new MRI is required every five years.